17 mar 2010

I lied;) One of popblog regular readers - “ad00absurdum” - in a comment on the post about sex in Polish sci-fi fan fiction pointed out that Poles do use LiveJournal (I wrote that they don't). As a proof he linked to mulitfandom_pl community. Well... I don’t stand down and still don’t agree that LJ communities spread in Poland like a swarm of locusts. Polish fans are in fact quite belated compared to western fans. I do admit that some Poles use LJ. What I meant is that they use it rather rarely (“ad00absurdum” agrees). Besides, I was writing only about sci-fi fans. It may be that other fans use LJ and other blogs more frequently. So I hope I’m excused for not putting it right and I correct mymmistake by posting this piece of writing. By the way – usage of LJ in Poland is a topic certainly worth further studying. I’ll certainly get on it soon.

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  1. Told ya you need an info broker (just kidding :D ).

    Anyway, tu jest reszta polskich commów, o które możesz zahaczyć:

    (ogólny - filmy, komiksy itp)


    (Dr Who)


    (Dr House - nie sci-fi, ale dla tzw. pełnego obrazu)

  2. Dzięki za cynk - jasne, że potrzebuję info-brokera - zawsze;)

  3. I think it's very difficult to judge the Polish participation on livejournal, because a lot of us have livejournals mostly in English, with the Polish entries conveniently locked under cuts.

    The livejournal fandom is majorly English-speaking, and participation in it - by commenting, posting graphics or fics, or just discussing fandom, often takes place in that language.

    (Of course, there are journals written strictly in Polish, and there are communities, as mentioned above, that are in Polish, but there's also a lot of Poles who partake in the LJ-based fandom, but do so by using English)

  4. @noelia-g - You are definitely right – thank you very much... I must get into LJ and Polish fandom – I will certainly do so wile working on my Ph.D.


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